What is Studio OBLIQUE?

Studio OBLIQUE is a platform for the art, music, NFT, and ENS domain services for the Studio OBLIQUE team, which consists mainly of Richie Kershaw and Felipe de Herida who are both musicians and artists and are thoroughly enjoying this exciting time for independent artists as we transition into Web3.

What projects come under the umbrella of Studio OBLIQUE?

The focus of Studio OBLIQUE itself is primarily image and music NFT and ENS domain sales with several art projects gaining attention on OpenSea, XDCNFT, Hash Axis, LooksRare and Twitter. Running alongside is KERSH Independent Music Project, a project began by Richie Kershaw, consisting so far of two albums of original songs written by Richie — except for two by brother Ant- and recorded by musicians from as far afield as England, Scotland, Ireland, U.S.A, Hawaii, Kenya, Nigeria, Ukraine, Colombia, Italy, and more. Thirdly, there’s our chief mainstay, our bread and butter and main source of income as we set forth to become independent and able to create the day as it should be, which is World of Art Global, an online marketplace for vintage posters, beautifully reproduced and available for sale at our main e-commerce site: www.worldofartglobal.com and also our Amazon store, eBay store, and Etsy shop. Well-established, and with a presence in the vintage poster world for over 11 years, this was how our journey into the world of art began, and why we find the idea of NFT such an exciting opportunity to showcase talent and explore further the endless possibilities of Web3.

What Projects are currently underway?

Our ‘My Family and other Monsters’ collection can be seen on XDCNFT

Also ‘The Wizard from Henry Heath’ collection can be seen at HASH AXIS

On Opensea, Richie’s ‘The World! The World!’ collection displays proudly.

While our first collection of ENS domains can be seen at OpenSea and LooksRare

Our Music NFTs can currently be found on OpenSea. These are previously released songs from the first two albums but with unique artwork made specifically for the one-off NFT. A great new way to help support independent artists.

While anyone searching for Original Lyrics for their songs, can find Unique Lyric NFTs here on OpenSea too.

We’ll venture further into each project as we begin our journey here on Medium.com, but for now, if you’ve read this far, we’d like to personally thank you for your time and interest. It is very appreciated. 👏😊



Studio OBLIQUE is a platform for the music, art, NFT and ENS domain services from the team at Studio OBLIQUE ✔

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Studio OBLIQUE ✔

Studio OBLIQUE is a platform for the music, art, NFT and ENS domain services from the team at Studio OBLIQUE ✔